Community Specialist Application

Community Specialist Application



Become the “GO TO AGENT” for condos and townhouse communities in your area. Constant farming and contact will insure you will be the community expert that people will call to buy or sell units. Once enrolled you are not just buying a pre-made community website, with our program you are getting a marketing campaign including domain name, personalized postcards template.

Why use  We had over 26,000 visitors and 57,000 community page views last month and over 50,000 community page views per month with 75% of the visitors located in New Jersey. Over 65% of them find us through organic searches which means our site is showing up on the first or second page of Google searches daily.  Check out our latest visitor statistics here

How we generate over 26,000 Visitors and 57,000 Community Page Views per month to

    • Organic top placement on Search Engines
    • We boost your visibility by delivering TARGETED Facebook ads to your area and community.
    • Tested, compelling ad messages delivered directly to potential buyers of your community.
    • Google Adwords promotion campaigns

NEW!! Complimentary Agent Page (FREE) Sample-opens new window

Complete the application below, you agree to promote yourself and will be asked to show how you plan to promote yourself. (Ie: Facebook, Google ads)  Spend as much or little as you like on yourself. Note: You will not be placed on any communities.

Two paid options are offered

  1. PRICING BY ENTIRE TOWN/CITY:   Price is *$5.00 per community.  (Includes use of  custom domain name ie: See example here: Must take entire town/city. -opens in new page opens in a new window*may be cancelled at anytime.   Example: If the Town/City has:  5 communities = $25.00 per month. If a town only has 1-3 communities in it, individual pricing below will be in effect.

Current domains and full towns available if not available, we will build one for you. Contact us below and state which you would like. (Note: Exact domain name subject to availability)


        2. PRICING BY INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY:  *$14.99 per month any individual community (note- can not be used if entire town is reserved already) *Either party may cancel anytime / if an agent decides to reserve entire town you will be removed from community and your monthly fee will be prorated to the day of removal.

What you get with entire town registration?

  • PRE-MADE COMMUNITY WEB SITE PAGE | EXCLUSIVE Community Expert page set up with your Name, Photo and Contact information on community for one year. see a sample page opens in a new window
  • Complimentary use of FREE Domain name: (complete town website only) ie:
  • Get Instant Leads delivered immediately and directly to your email or by phone calls.
  • Your Listing/Sale Ad placement – Get a listing in your community? We will place it on your page for free.
  • Free Link to your own website or page.
  • Phone support via chat or email from Condo Broker Specialist.
  • Training videos on how to promote your community.
  • Note: To better promote your community we may request you submit uncopyrighted photos of the community and head shot of yourself.


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