Community Specialist Application

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Agent options in a nutshell:

Want to get leads in a particular community, but don’t have any listings there? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO GENERATE LEADS ON A COMMUNITY YOU DON’T HAVE ANY LISTING IN

  1. EXCLUSIVE Community Specialist -Pay NOTHING (only 25% Referral fee) IF you sell from a lead we supply you from the site. You must supply photos of community and will be placed as contact agent. More information below, Only ONE per community! You supply photos.
  2. Subscriber -Pay for, and be be placed on community (s) of choice. (NO REFERRAL FEES, YOUR LEADS ARE YOUR LEADS) Exclusively register and be placed on as many communities as the exclusive contact agent. Only 1 agent per community! More information below.
  3. General Referral Agent -(30% Referral Fee) if you sell a lead we provide you. Just want leads and not sign up, just use our contact form below and let us know which areas you handle.

OPTION # 1 Community Specialist (no upfront cost)

Agents/Brokers – Partner with us

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This site was created by, and for agents to develop leads for condo communities through out New Jersey.

To be considered to be one of our Community Specialist you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Willing to provide quality photos of the community and a head shot of yourself. DO NOT SUBMIT unless you are willing to supply un-copyrighted photos of the community.
  2. Willing to pay a 25% Referral Fee to Premier Properties- The Damiano Group should a transaction occur from a lead received from us.
  3. Willing to PROMOTE YOURSELF on the site and SPEND $$ on yourself! We don’t want your money but expect and insist you agree to promote yourself via ads on Facebook, Google etc.


Not for you? But still want to get condo leads and referrals? If so you can contact us and let us know the area you service and obtain leads. If you are NOT one of our Community Specialists the referral fee will be 30%. Just fill out our application form below and state you would just like to be a referral agent not community specialist.

OPTION #2 – “Subscriber”

Cost per Community / No Referral Fee

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  • Advertise yourself (Click here for an example) and promote yourself as the COMMUNITY EXPERT on specific communities. We post you and your contact information as the expert in that community. Get calls texted or emailed directly to your cell phone.
  • What is the cost? 
    • Any 1 Community– One time set up fee for of $39.00 and $9.00 per month.
    • Up to 5 Communities – One time set up fee of $10.00 per community and $39.00 per month for up to 5 communities.
    • Contact us for bulk communities pricing.
    • Interested? Complete the form below and state “SUBSCRIBER”
    • Check out our latest visitor statistics here

OPTION # 3 General Referral Agent

Don’t want to commit? But still want to receive leads on a referral basis? Just complete the form below and state GENERAL REFERRAL AGENT. If you sell something from a lead we provide a 30% Referral Fee shall be due.