About Us & Privacy

About Us & Privacy

This referral website is owned and serviced by the Referral Division of:

Premier Properties – The Damiano Group (NJ Lisc # 7800688)

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This site was created by, and for agents to develop leads for condo communities through out New Jersey.

Any questions, concerns etc. should be forwarded to: Warren@wdamiano.com or call the phone number above, or use our Contact Form

If you feel you have a copyright concern regarding any of the photos we have posted, please contact us at the above numbers or emails and they shall be removed immediately. Most of the photos have been provided by our Community Specialist/Partner Agent for that community and they have indemnified us against any claim so please contact them also. Either way, the photos will be removed immediately.

Privacy: If you submit a request to be contacted about a specific complex, that information will only be shared with the Community Specialist, we do not publish or disseminate your information to anyone else.

ADA Compliance: We have tried to make this site as ADA compliant as possible. If you view any areas that need corrections, please advise and we will correct it.