Senior Benefits you may not be aware of


Everyone likes to save a bit of money, even the 55 plus crowd. Find benefits and discounts can help you get the reward you deserve! Retailers, restaurants, park and other organizations offer significant discounts to those who come in to use their services if they are over a specific age. By taking advantage of these discounts, it will give you loads of savings and a higher quality of life as a result of using them, too. Here is a short list of just some of them.

  • 1. Retailer Benefits and Discounts
  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s offers senior discounts every Wednesday. They can be up to 15 percent off. They allow seniors to combine these discount days with coupons to save even more.
  • Ross Stores: Seniors can get 10 percent off if they shop on Tuesdays in the store. Those over 55 qualify for this discount.
  • Walgreens: Walgreens offers lucrative senior discounts. Seniors can save 20 percent off one time a month. Seniors need to use their Balance Rewards to obtain the discounts.
  • Rite Aid: At Rite Aid, seniors can obtain a 10 percent discount on Tuesdays. Additionally, seniors receive a 10 percent off discount on prescriptions.
  • Banana Republic: Seniors can get up to 10 percent off.
  • Walmart: Walmart offers very few discounts to seniors. Some locations can offer reduced costs to seniors some days each week.
  • Savers: Many locations offer discounts, up to 10 percent. However, some do not offer any discounts to shoppers.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot does not offer specific senior discounts. However, it does price match the discounts that other retailers may offer for the same product in their location.
  • TJ Maxx: Shoppers here can qualify for up to 10 percent off when they shop on Mondays. However, this discount is now limitedly available (may only apply in Florida right now).
  • Big Lots: Some locations offer discount savings cards. Some locations offer up to 10 percent off through their discount programs.
  • Goodwill: Perhaps one of the best known locations for savings. Seniors can get between 10 and 20 percent off one day each week. Locations set the dates that work for their needs.
  • Bealls Outlet: Seniors get 15 percent off every Tuesday.
  • Target: Limited access to senior discounts is available at Target. However, some locations may offer discounts on specific days for various events.
  • Marshall’s: Marshall’s provides seniors with limited discounts. Special offers may be available at some locations.
  • Kmart: A limited number of stores still offer the senior discount of 40 percent off on Wednesdays for seniors over 50.
  • Joann Fabrics: On Senior Discount Day, seniors can receive 20 percent off of total purchases; must be 55 or older and discount days vary.
  • Amazon: If you are an AARP member you can save 50 percent on certain Kindle e-books, 10 percent on Kindle e-readers, and 10 percent on audio and print books.
  • Lowe’s: Veteran seniors can receive 10 percent off of eligible purchases

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3. Grocery Store Discounts

  • Kroger: Some locations offer a senior discount card.
  • Publix: Discounts up to five percent off apply at various times. Differ by state.
  • Food Lion: Some discounts apply but this varies by location.
  • Harris Teeter: Every Thursday, seniors get five percent off their purchase.
  • Fred Meyer: Up to a 15 percent savings the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Albertsons: Discounts apply but vary by location.
  • Safeway: Seniors may qualify for discounts with a savings card.

4. Leisure Discounts

  • AMC: Senior pricing on tickets is available for most shows. Discounts are up to 30 percent off.
  • Cinemark: Senior discounts are available for early shows. Discounts here are up to 35 percent.
  • Regal Cinemas: Seniors may qualify for reduced costs. Seniors can save up to 30 percent.
  • Marriott: Seniors booking their hotel stay can reduce costs up to 10 percent.
  • Disneyland and Disney World: Seniors may qualify for some discounts throughout the parks. Limited admission discounts are not available any longer.

5. Internet and Communication Services

  • T&T: Plans are available for seniors at reduced costs.
  • Verizon: Verizon offers senior plans and discounts. The Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan offers a discounted rate for seniors – this rate can change by area as well as over time.
  • Comcast: Ask about availability of discounts. They change by location.
  • T-Mobile: Seniors over 55 can sign up for unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for two lines for a set price of $60 per month.
  • Sprint: Has a line of cell phones specially marketed to seniors that include easy to use, accessible features, such as TTY/TDD support, LED alerts, and 911 shortcut keys. However, the company doesn’t offer a senior discount on cell phone plans.

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