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$100,000(+ -)
Active 55 plus community

4.67/5 (2) Crestwood Village 2 Condos Whiting New Jersey

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Crestwood Village 2 Condos Whiting New Jersey

Crestwood Village 2 Condos Whiting are located on 470 Route 530 in Whiting. These nice single family units are usually price around $100,000. Units typically include 1-2 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms. The community has bocce courts, horseshoe pits, a billiards room, a library, and more! There are also many clubs for residents to take advantage of. Don’t miss it!

Financials on Crestwood Village 2 Condos

  • Avg. Price: $100,000 + –
  • Approximate taxes: Unknown
  • Monthly Maintenance estimate: Unknown

Availability: Large complexes with 75 units and above typically have 5-10 units available, smaller complexes with less than 50 may have 1 or two. Contact the Community Specialist on the left for availability.

About This Community

Type : Attached or Detached Homes
Address : 470 Route 530, Whiting, New Jersey, 08759
Purpose : Active 55 Plus Community
Status : New Jersey Shore Area
Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : 2

Quick Facts: Features, Amenities, Price Range and more

A- Avg. Price Range Less Than $100,000
A- Avg. Price Range $100,000 - $200,000
Total Units Over 1,000
Gated - No
Construction Years 1970s
Bocce Ball
Billiards Room
Library Room
Horseshoe Pit
Jersey Shore
Near Shopping
Near Restaurants

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