Traffic Statistics

Traffic Statistics

 Why use 

  • 2019′ = 251,000 visitors
  • 600,000 community page views.
  • 2/2/20 – Announcing..we have surpassed 1,000,000 (one million) community page views!

93% of our traffic comes directly from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

  • 76% (=190,000) New Jersey Visitors
  • 12% New York Visitors
  •   4% Pennsylvania Visitors

Our published communities are starting to appear on the first or second page of Google search.

Most importantly…our ORGANIC TRAFFIC has grown tremendously. Basically that means is that search engines are finding us! See below traffic origination statistics:

  • 71% of users were from Organic Search
  • 15.8% from Social Networks
  • 5.7% from direct contact
  • 4.9% from Paid Search Adwords/Bing Ads etc.

Pie Stats

Test it our yourself

Example: COPY AND PASTE |   The Barons Condos Bernards    | into your Google Browser and see where it appears.  (Easier to HIGHLIGHT, RIGHT CLICK and “Search Google for The Barons Condos Bernards”

Now try it out with a community YOU would like to represent see where it comes out. No guarantees, but we are starting to show up on the first or second page. If not, we will get there soon. 🙂

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Any questions feel free to contact me anytime…Warren Damiano 973-256-8400 or use our Contact Form.