Upscale condo townhouses
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$1,475,000 (+ -)
Upscale condo townhouses

4.89/5 (9) The Village Courtyard Condos Summit New Jersey

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 The Village Courtyard condos Summit New Jersey

The community of Village Courtyard Condos Summit is a small enclave of 14 luxury Post Unit For Saletownhouses in prestigious Summit New Jersey. Union County New Jersey Condos and Townhouses communities are some of the nicest developed condominiums in New Jersey. Handicapped access is provided from the street through a ramp system entering into the courtyard. The entire development and courtyard are gated. Elevators for each units via parking lots. Townhouses have their own private elevator. Push button access to intercom system through central gates and internal courtyard.  Video security provided in every unit through exterior camera system linked to buzzer activated access unto site.  A secure site with card key access for all driveways and garages, each unit has a deck and terrace. Each unit has exterior storage.

Financials on Village Courtyard Condos Summit

  • Avg. Price: $1,400,000 +
  • Approximate taxes: $ Unknown –
  • Monthly Maintenance Estimate: $735 + –Note: Usually 3 months maintenance fees up front at the purchase. This is sometimes referred to as an application fee is typically used to replenish the “reserve fund” of the association.
Disclaimer: Estimated Maintenance & Taxes both change yearly in each complex and it would be remiss on our part to put an exact number since it may change at anytime. PLEASE VERIFY with our Community Specialist.

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About This Community

Type : Style: Luxury
Address : Franklin Place Summit New Jersey
Purpose : Resales Available
Status : Active Resales Available
Bedrooms : 3
Bathrooms : 3

Quick Facts: Features, Amenities, Price Range and more

A- Avg. Price Range Over $1,000,000
B- 3 Br Units Available
Total Units Less Than 100
Gated - No
Construction Years 2015 +
Parking - Garages

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