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  1. Report match results at bottom of page
  2. For Player contact sheet (which was emailed to you earlier) please text or email me…973-256-8400 or


  • Please READ BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ASK SILLY QUESTIONS ~ any questions/errors contact me NOW!
    • Tournament will start April 1, 2023 BUT (weather permitting) YOU CAN BEGIN EARLIER IF YOU & YOUR OPPONENT AGREE.
  • NOTE: this is a large tournament with many players. It is DOUBLE ELIMINATION which means there WILL be some glitches so please be patient. I will do my best to move matches along. But if someone holds up the bracketing they will be removed from the tournament.
    IMPORTANT: I will be traveling April 6-12 so the reporting and bracketing may be a little delayed, but you will get updates so be patient. If it takes longer to get games in don’t stress!
    • This will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION (which will probably take a while with so many players)
    • For the first round I have tried to match up players based on location not ability, but it is double elimination so don’t worry if you are playing an advanced player.
    • Don’t wait for your opponent to contact you, please reach out to them asap.
    • Please be flexible and try to meet at a mutually agreeable location to get the match in on time before the end of the week.


  • You will have one week to arrange, schedule and play your match. If your opponent continually cancels or you can not agree on location or playing time, please do a GROUP TEXT with me 973-256-8400 so I can see who the hold up is.
  • Results posting
    • I will email the new brackets out every week on Monday and remember to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER also. As soon as you get the results please reach out to your next opponent to arrange a match.
    • It will also be posted our Facebook page.


  • Please report your matches ASAP so we don’t hold up other brackets.
  • There are two ways to report results.
    • Text me 973-256-8400 state Winner Name/Loser Name

A couple of important things:

  • Remember this is supposed to be a FUN tournament, please use good sportsmanship.
  • Enjoy…and please call me anytime with questions or comments.
  • If you do not understand the bracketing, please call or text me NOW and not the last minute at 973-256-8400
    • Warren Damiano | 973-256-8400 |

Tournament Format: -Report Match Results Below

  • “OPEN PLAY” – We realize everyone has a busy life…thus we have created an “Open Play” style tournament. “Open Play” means that for the first several rounds players can play at their will at a mutually agreeable location and time agreed upon by both. (Another words…Play when and where you can within that weeks bracket) The match must be played within the allotted time frame specified for that bracket. (typically one week- but being this is a summer league it may go a little longer because of vacations) depending on the amount of players signed up. Find a list of Public Courts here.
  • Keep in mind…This is a NORTH JERSEY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL but ANYONE can join but if you are located in South or Central Jersey you MUST travel to North Jersey to play your match.
  • Playing Levels- This tournament is open INTERMEDIATE LEVEL players only. (Beginners can join if they feel they are ready for stepped up competition) No advanced players please!
  • (1 or Best of 3 Sets?) – Players are free to play either one set or best of three sets as agreed upon prior to the match starting.
  • Double Elimination- You have to lose two to get eliminated
  • Reporting Match Results -There are two ways to report results.
    • Text me 973-256-8400 state Winner Name/Loser Name
    • Use reporting form at bottom of page.
  • Only the finals will the matches be required to be best of 3 sets. The finals will be played on reserved courts (Probably Little Falls) and they will be the only SCHEDULED matches.
  • Winners in each division will get trophies and recognition on our Facebook page (we are not in this for $$) 😂
  • Games and Tournament Play
    • Regular Tennis Rules will be in effect.
    • Both players will supply one can of new balls. The winner of the match will be given the unused new can for the next match
    • Brackets and Opponents will be posted well in advance. Please check the bracketing link on the top of this page. (when posted)
    • Disputed calls – Players will be on their honor to make calls themselves. Please remember this is a FUN tournament and you will not be winning a $ million dollars if you win, so please play with good sportsmanship.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Please report to
    • The winner (or either party) should report results of match to by Sunday night of the week end so we can post next weeks brackets on Monday to begin next round.
    • These rules are subject to change at anytime, and more rules may be added so please check back often.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be USTA Rated to play?
    • No you DO NOT have to be USTA rated, these are fun tournaments for all playing levels.
  • Where does the tournament take place?
    • As stated, the first several rounds will be “Open Play” which means you contact your opponent and schedule a date and time within that week to play. Click here for a list of Public Courts. Keep in mind these are public courts and you may have to wait to play.
    • Only the finals be scheduled at a pre-determined date and location.
  • How do I know who I am playing?
    • Bracketing will be posted every week on Monday (typically by 12:00 pm) on the sheet will be your opponents contact information both cell phone and email. Please use that to make contact asap and schedule a match.
  • What happens if my opponent and I can not get the match in within the time allotted?
    • Please do your best within a week, you should be able to get the match in. This will hold up future matches and will inconvenience other players. Bracketing times are set and can not be changed at this point. We may possibly have subs that will fill in for a match if notified early enough. If an opponent keeps refusing to play that week, please forward the emails or text message and we shall deal with it on a case by case basis. Hopefully it all works out and we play and have fun.
  • What should I bring?
    • Both players should bring a new can of balls, open one can and the winner takes the unopened can for the next match.
  • What are the prizes?
    • Trophies for the First and Second Place
    • Recognition on our Facebook page.
  • Any questions? Email – or call 973-256-8400