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Agent – Frequently Asked Questions

We are adding communities every day to our database, as we grow, traffic to the site will grow and you can be a part of it now. (Why not, it won’t cost you anything?)  As more communities are reserved and more information and data is provided on each community our ranking will continue to rise on the search engines.

How do I generate traffic to my page? Want to get leads in a particular community, but don’t have any listings there? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO GENERATE LEADS ON A COMMUNITY YOU DON’T HAVE ANY LISTING IN

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IMPORTANT!!!..Please read. You must be willing to PROMOTE YOURSELF and your pages on the site and SPEND $$ on yourself! We don’t want your money but expect and insist you agree to promote yourself via ads on Facebook, Google etc.

We are NOT a pay per lead site.

  • Option #1Community Specialist – pay ONLY 25% Referral Fee if you SELL a lead from the client we get you. Sign up here 
  • Option #2 – Subscriber – Pay per 10 communities..1 time set up fee and nominal monthly charge, pay NO referral fee if you make a transaction. Sign up here
  • Option #3 – Referral Agent – Not ready to commit? But still want be considered for leads?  Sign up here and if no other agent is in your area we will send you referrals as they come in. If so the 30% referral shall be due if we provide you a client.

  • What is
    • We are a lead generating (referral based) website for agents to develop leads for condo and townhouse buyers. We, not you generate traffic and leads (non guaranteed). You will only incur a referral fee if and when you sell something to a lead we provide.
  • What is the cost?
    • There are NO upfront costs (unless you take Option # 2) NO pay per lead, just a referral fee paid if a transaction should occur from a lead we have provided. (See Below)
  • How much traffic does the site get?
  • How do I “Claim a Community” and become the Community Specialist?
    • Fill out our Community Specialist Application here.  Filling out an application does not insure you will be chosen. We take the best qualified application. (It does not necessarily mean you had to have sold units in the community)
  • What do you mean by Community Specialist?
    • You will become the “go to” agent when someone inquires about the community, you will get any inquiries right to your email inbox.
  • PLEASE READ: The Community will be give to the FIRST agent who submits:

    • Signed Referral Agreement –(Option #1 only)
    • Community Information Page WITH PHOTOS (will be emailed after submission)
  • What are the requirements to become a Community Specialist?
    • Must be licensed full time real estate broker or agent in NJ in good standing.
    • Must know the community like the “back of your hand” and be ready to answer questions.
    • MUST be able to respond to leads immediately (it’s the best way to get a deal)
    • Agrees: 
      • Not to pass out refer lead out to another agent in their office or any other.
    • Referral Agents only…Willing to provide professional high resolution images of community and head shot of yourself. (Agent must personally own the photos and indemnify us for any copyright infringement claims.) If you need photos, we have a special discounted agreement with Contact us for details.

How will I get leads?

  • They will be delivered right to your email box or directly to you via text message. Whichever you prefer.

What kind of  Referral Fees upon Closing of Title are due?

  • Referral Agents Only – 25% Referral Fee to Premier Properties- The Damiano Group should a transaction occur from a lead received from us.

How can I get listing from this?  (optional)

  • Great listing tool…..OPTIONAL, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   $19.00 per year…get your own DOMAIN name, and forward directly to your community page. You can use it on your marketing literature. (Example: on that page we can list for you some of your recent sales in the community. When you mail the community residents will be curious and go to the website and see you photo and recent sales. GREAT LISTING TOOL! do NOT have to pay a referral on listings unless we send you the lead.

Cancelling Community Specialist Partnership – Referral Agent

  • Either party may cancel this agreement at anytime with no cause.
  • Internet leads conversion ratio varies between 3% – 11%, if after approximately 100 leads performance will be evaluated if the conversion rate is too low your Partnership may be terminated. We shall be due a Referral Fee on any clients we have provided to you even after termination of this agreement.

Not for you? But still want to get condo leads and referrals?

If so you can contact us and let us know the area you service and obtain leads. If you are NOT one of our Community Specialists the referral fee will be 30%. Just fill out our application form below and state you would just like to be a referral agent not community specialist.

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