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Agent – Frequently Asked Questions

Become the “GO TO AGENT” for condos and townhouse communities in your area.  Constant farming

Why use  We are averaging over 20,000 visitor per month with 75% of them located in New Jersey. Over 70% of them find us through organic searches with means our site is showing up on the first or second page of Google searches daily.

How we generate over 20,000 visitors per month to

    • We boost your visibility by delivering TARGETED Facebook ads to your area and community.
    • Tested, compelling ad messages delivered directly to potential buyers of your community.
    • Google Adwords promotion campaigns

What is the cost per year? $ ? Please check back shortly


  • 1- 100 total units (Max 3 Communities) Cost TBD
  • 101 – 250 total units (Max 4 Communities) Cost TBD
  • 250 – 500 total units (Max 5 Communities) Cost TBD
  • 501 – 750 total units (Max 6 Communities) Cost TBD
  • 751 – 1,000 total units (Max 7 Communities) Cost TBD
  • 1,000 Plus Units  (Max 10  Communities) Cost TBD

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What you get?

  • Get Instant Leads delivered immediately and directly to your email or by phone calls.
  • EXCLUSIVE Community Expert page set up with your Name, Photo and Contact information on community for one year. see an example page here
  • Your Listing/Sale Ad placement – Ability to advertise a listing or sale on your community page get a listing in one of your communities? Just send us the information we will post if for free on your community page.
  • *Up to 1,000 Professionally designed Custom Postcards delivered to you (mail at your leisure) with your contact information enforcing your position as the condo and townhouse expert in the area. (*Total depends on # of units in your communities chosen) We suggest your send them out every month or two.
  • Phone support via chat or email from Condo Broker Specialist since 1985.
  • Training videos on how to promote your community.
  • Note: To better promote your community we will request you submit uncopyrighted photos of the community and head shot of yourself.

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