Community Specialist Info

1. PRICING BY ENTIRE TOWN/CITY:   Price is *$5.00 per community.  (Must take entire town/city. in new window)  Example: If the Town/City has:  5 communities = $25.00 per month. If a town only has 1-3 communities in it, individual pricing below will be in effect. Includes: Free Domain Name, Training Videos, leads delivered via text or email, placement of your listing on that community on page. *may be cancelled at anytime. 

  • Note: To better promote your community we may request you submit uncopyrighted photos of the community and head shot of yourself.

Current domains and full towns available, if not available, we will build one for you. (Note: Exact domain name subject to availability)


      2. PRICING BY INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY:  $39.99 per year for any individual community (note- can not be used if entire town is reserved already)  (no Referral Fees)

     3. Get your listing placed on a community page. $14.99 per month until it sells. (unless and agent is already registered on that page) We will place your listing and contact information on that community page. You can promote that page as much as you like via Facebook ads, Google ads and we will show you how to do it. Leads will be delivered to your inbox or via text. Interested? Complete form below and we will be in touch.